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Top Rated House Cleaning Services in Winter Garden, FL

Tired of dust bunnies taking over your house? Breathe Maids to the rescue!

We’re a Winter Garden Fl cleaning company, making homes sparkle like Aladdin’s palace. Whether you need a one-time blitz before a party or a weekly tidy-up, we’ve got you covered.

Moving in? Moving out? No problem! We’ll make your new place shine brighter than a disco ball or wave goodbye to the old one spotless. No messy ghosts left behind!

We care about clean as much as you do! Our super cleaning team loves making floors sparkle, windows shine, and kitchens gleam. You won’t find a speck of dust hiding – we chase them all away!

So ditch the cleaning chores and breathe easy! Choose Breathe Maids, and get ready for a happy, sparkling home that feels like a warm hug. Your family (even the dust bunnies) will thank you!

Discover Breathe Maids – Your Trusted Local Cleaning Service

Breathe Maids is your trusted local cleaning service in Winter Garden, FL. Trust our pride in delivering cleaning services with attention to detail and reliability. Our team of professional cleaners is trustworthy and dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Discover the peace of mind that comes with having a reputable cleaning service.

House Cleaning Services Winter Garden FL: Custom Solutions for Your Home

Breathe Maids is a Winter Garden cleaning company!

We’re like superheroes against dirt and grime, offering super-cleaning solutions for any home. Need a quick shine before a party? We’ll blitz your place until it sparkles like a disco ball! Want weekly tidy-ups to keep things fresh? We’ll whisk dust bunnies away faster than a magic trick!

From one-time sparkle blasts to regular tidy-up missions, we’ve got you covered. Our cleaning ninjas love making floors shine, windows twinkle, and kitchens gleam. They pay attention to every detail, like tiny detectives searching for dirt. Your home will feel like a sparkling happy hug!

So ditch the cleaning chores and breathe easy! With Breathe Maids, your house will be so clean, even the dust bunnies will be jealous. Give our maids to hire a call and get ready for a sparkling happy home that feels like sunshine on your toes!

3D rendering of a modern winter garden living room with vibrant yellow and calming blue accents.

One-Time Cleaning for Immediate Sparkle

Got a party coming up and your house isn’t quite party-ready? Do you crave a sparkling clean home without doing the work? Breathe Maids to the rescue!

We’re like fairy godmothers who sprinkle cleaning magic on houses. Need a one-time blast before a big event or a deep clean from top to bottom? Our amazing team will make your home shine brighter than a disco ball.

Ditch the cleaning and say hello to sparkling floors, gleaming windows, and a fresh home. With Breathe Maids, you can relax and enjoy the magic without lifting a finger! Give us a call and get ready for your own happily-ever-after clean home.

Here’s what makes us awesome:

  • Sparkling fast & thorough: We work to make your home spotless in no time.
  • No detail escapes us: We hunt down dirt in every corner.
  • Relax & enjoy: You deserve a break! Leave the cleaning to us and focus on the fun stuff.
  • Happy home guarantee: We love making homes happy, and we won’t rest until yours is sparkling with joy!
simple modern living room cleaned by Winter Garden Cleaning Service
3D rendering of a modern living room with vibrant yellow and calming blue accents by Winter Garden Cleaners.
simple modern living room in Winter Garden after cleaning services

Recurring Cleaning to Keep Your Home Beautiful

Want your house to look awesome all the time, but cleaning feels like a never-ending battle? We get it! That’s why Breathe Maids has super cool recurring cleaning plans.

We’ll chat with you and figure out how often you need your house cleaned, like every week, every other week, or even once a month (whatever works for you!).

No more messy surprises – a sparkling-clean home waiting for you when you walk in the door. Say goodbye to cleaning chores and hello to more time for fun stuff!

Experienced Maids to Hire at Your Service in Winter Garden

Breathe Maids in Winter Garden is here to rescue you! Our awesome cleaning team has years of experience making homes sparkle like new. We clean everything, from tiny cobwebs to hidden crumbs, so you can relax in a squeaky-clean oasis.

Forget about boring chores! We’ve got your back with dusting, vacuuming, and even deep cleaning. Think sparkly bathrooms and germ-free kitchens. Our friendly cleaners are all trained experts, so you can trust them to take care of your place like it’s their own.

Ready to wave goodbye to the mess and say hello to a happy, healthy home? Give Breathe Maids a call – you won’t regret it!

“Our team of cleaners takes pride in delivering outstanding results. We leave your home sparkling and fresh. We aim to create a clean and healthy environment for you and your family to enjoy.”

Whether you need a weekly tidy-up or a super-powered deep clean for your messy lair. Our awesome cleaning team has the tools and skills to make your house shine like a trophy. We’re like pros of cleanliness, vanishing dirt and grime without leaving a trace. Plus, we’re trustworthy and pay attention to every detail. Those pesky corners the dust bunnies love to hide in are toast.

So ditch the chore wars and let Breathe Maids take care of the cleaning. Spend your time hanging out with friends, or chilling in your sparkling-clean residence.

Comprehensive house cleaning services near me

Got a busy vacation rental? We’re like super cleaning heroes who swoop in and make it shine again. Every room gets the sparkle treatment, from dusty corners to grimy sinks. Your guests will be saying “wow!” in no time!

Recently finished fixing up your place? We’re the clean-up crew after the messy builders go! We banish dust bunnies, tackle leftover tools, and make everything smile with clean. No mess is too big for our magic sponges!

Whatever your cleaning needs, breathe easy and call Breathe Maids. We’re the friendly cleaning pros who make everything sparkly fresh!

Vacation Rental Refreshers

Own a cool vacation rental? Keeping it super clean is key to happy guests and awesome reviews! We’re like magic fairy cleaners for vacation rentals!

Our sparkly squad tackles every room, from top to bottom. Dusty bunnies? Gone! Germs hiding? Poof! We make sure everything shines brighter than a beach sunset.

Want happy guests raving about your clean pad? We’ve got your back! Trust us to make your place so sparkling, they’ll be begging to come back!

Detail-Oriented Post Construction Clean-Up

Construction projects can leave behind a mess that requires specialized cleaning expertise. No dust is safe from us! Our post-construction clean-up services tackle every challenge. Nothing is left behind by renovations and construction projects. Our team removes dust, debris, and other remnants from the home. This ensures that your newly finished space is spotless and ready to be enjoyed. We handle the cleaning process efficiently and effectively, leaving your space looking its best.

We offer vacation rental refreshers or post construction clean-up. Our tailored cleaning services at Breathe Maids meet your specific needs. We take pride in delivering exceptional results and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive cleaning service tailored to your requirements.

Effortless Booking and Transparent Pricing

Booking our cleaning services at Breathe Maids is effortless and convenient. We have developed a quick and easy online booking platform. With just a few clicks, you can schedule your cleaning in just 60 seconds, saving you time and effort.

We also believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. Our customers have a clear understanding of what they are paying for. We offer transparent pricing to provide you with the cost of our services. You can trust that our pricing is fair and competitive.

We also provide secure and cashless payment options. W offer secure payment options for your peace of mind. Whether you prefer to pay by credit card or through online platforms, we have you covered.

Top-Rated Residential Cleaning Company in Winter Garden: Achieving Impeccable Results

Is your house a total disaster zone? Don’t worry, Breathe Maids in Winter Garden is here to rescue you!

Here’s why we’re the coolest cleaning crew in town:

  • Super Cleanliness. We banish dirt and grime faster than you can say “Bye-bye, dust bunnies!” We don’t miss a single corner, even those pesky ones behind the fridge.
  • Healthy Home. We use safe, eco-friendly products that are gentle on your family and pets. So you can breathe easy knowing your home is fresh and hygienic.
  • Just-Right Cleaning. We’re not one-size-fits-all! We figure out what kind of cleaning you need. No matter if it’s a quick weekly pick-up or a super-powered deep clean for your messy lair.
  • Reliable and Trustworthy. We show up on time, every time, with all the tools and supplies we need to make your house squeaky clean. You can trust us to take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy your free time!

Ready to ditch the cleaning blues and have a sparkling-clean kingdom? Contact Breathe Maids today! We’ll transform your house into a happy, healthy home that you’ll be super proud of.

The High Standards of Our Professional House Cleaning in Winter Garden

At Breathe Maids, keeping your home sparkling clean isn’t a job, it’s our passion! We’re dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Thorough Home Cleaning – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Choose Breathe Maids for your house cleaning needs. You can expect nothing less than a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of your home. Our experienced cleaners pay attention to every detail, leaving no corner untouched. We guarantee satisfaction with the results.

Eco-Friendly Practices for a Healthier Home

At Breathe Maids, clean doesn’t just shine, it sustains. We go beyond sparkling floors and gleaming counters to create a healthy haven for you and the planet. Here’s why Winter Garden chooses Breathe Maids for eco-friendly cleaning:

  • We ditch harsh chemicals and embrace non-toxic, plant-based cleaners that are gentle on your family and pets. Breathe easy knowing your home is free from harmful fumes and residues.
  • We choose sustainable practices like microfiber cloths and water-efficient methods. We limit waste and reduce our environmental footprint. Clean spaces, happy planet!
  • A clean home is beautiful and healthy. Our eco-friendly methods help combat allergens, pollutants, and indoor air irritants. We are creating a space that breathes as easily as you do.

Your Guide to Breathe Maids’ Premier House Cleaning Services

We offer top-notch cleaning solutions for both homes and businesses.

For your home:

  • De-stress and unwind. Imagine stepping into a spotless oasis where everything is in its place. Breathe Maids lets you ditch the chores and focus on what matters.
  • Tailored to your life: Weekly touch-ups? Deep cleaning marathons? We offer flexible plans to fit your budget and lifestyle.
  • Peace of mind, guaranteed: Rest assured knowing your home is in good hands. Our reliable and trustworthy team treats your space with care and respect.

For your business:

  • Make a lasting impression. Greet clients and customers with sparkling spaces that reflect your brand’s professionalism.
  • Boost employee happiness. A clean work environment fosters productivity and a positive atmosphere for your team.
  • Customized solutions. We cater to any commercial setting.

De-Stress with Our Professional Residential Cleaning Service

Our professional residential cleaning service helps you de-stress and enjoy a clean and organized home. We understand that life can get hectic, and maintaining a clean home can be challenging. That’s why we offer reliable and thorough cleaning solutions. Our experienced cleaners will ensure that every corner of your home is cleaned. We leave it fresh, inviting, and free from dust and clutter.

Pristine Commercial Spaces

Looking to make a great first impression on your customers in Winter Garden? Breathe Maids offers top-notch cleaning for businesses like yours. We make your office, store, or whatever shines like a brand new penny!

Why choose Breathe Maids for your business cleaning?

  • Sparkling Clean. We’re like cleaning ninjas, getting into every nook and cranny so your space is spotless and squeaky clean. Think sparkly floors, shiny counters, and fresh, healthy air for everyone.
  • Good Lookin’ Brand. A clean workplace says “we care” to clients and customers, making your brand look professional and trustworthy.
  • Always on Time and Trustworthy: You can count on us to be there when we say we will, working around your busy schedule.
  • Just-Right Cleaning. We tailor our cleaning plans to your needs, whether you need a daily shine or a weekly tidy-up. No disruptions, just clean!
  • Happy Business Means Happy You. We want you to love your clean space, so we go the extra mile to make sure you’re thrilled every time.

Ready to ditch the dust bunnies and let your business sparkle? Contact Breathe Maids today for a free quote and see the difference of top-notch cleaning!

Why Breathe Maids?

Let’s face it, house cleaning takes precious time and energy. But in Winter Garden, there’s a secret weapon for busy bees: Breathe Maids! We deliver top-notch cleaning services that bring a sparkle to your home and peace to your mind.

Trust us with your regular cleaning tasks. You can free up your time and energy to focus on other important aspects of your life. Let us take care of the cleaning so that you can enjoy a clean and tidy home without the stress and effort.

Here are some key benefits of routine professional cleaning:

  1. Enhanced Health and Well-being. Our cleaning methods help remove dust, allergens, and other contaminants from your home. We improve the indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory issues.
  2. Maintained Cleanliness: Regular cleaning ensures that your home stays clean and fresh. With our professional touch, you can enjoy a tidy space all year round.
  3. Preserved Home Value. Regular cleaning helps maintain the condition of your home. This prevents the buildup of dirt, grime, and damage that could affect its value over time.
  4. Reduced Stress and Fatigue. Letting professionals handle the cleaning tasks can take a significant burden off your shoulders. We allow you to relax and focus on more important things in life.
  5. Professional Results. Our experienced cleaners use industry-standard techniques and high-quality cleaning products. Enjoy the satisfaction of a spotless and well-maintained home.

Our routine cleaning in Winter Garden, FL allows you to experience the benefits of a clean home. We provide thorough cleaning services that transform your living space into a sanctuary.

Why Breathe Maids is Among the Best House Cleaning Services

When it comes to finding the best house cleaners in Winter Garden, FL, look no further than Breathe Maids. We are a trusted and reliable cleaning service provider. We commit to delivering exceptional results. With our team of experienced housekeepers, you can trust that your home is in good hands.

Trusted and Reliable Housekeepers for Winter Garden FL Residents

We understand the importance of trust when inviting professional cleaners into your home. That’s why we train our housekeepers to uphold the highest standards of service. Our team is not only skilled and knowledgeable but also respectful and trustworthy. Our reliable housekeepers give you peace of mind knowing that your home is clean.

A Clean That Shows: Visible Results That Speak Volumes

We make your house sparkle so bright, you’ll know we were here without even looking! Our cleaners pay super close attention to every detail. We banish dirt and grime, tame the clutter, and polish everything until it shines like a brand new penny. Imagine coming home to a sparkling oasis that feels so comfy and clean, you won’t want to leave! Let us show you how awesome cleaning can be in Winter Garden! Impressions Matter: The Impact of Our Affordable Cleaning Services

First impressions matter, even for your house! Breathe Maids cleans homes, making them sparkle at prices that won’t hurt your piggy bank.

We get it – clean houses are awesome, but cleaning can be a bummer. So we do the dirty work, leaving you time for fun stuff like games and cartoons! Your friends will be saying “wow!” when they see your super clean place.

In Winter Garden homes, we are always on the hunt for dust and grime. Need a quick tidy-up before a party? We’ll make your house sparkle faster than a disco ball! Or want a super deep clean for a fresh start? We’ll scrub every corner until it shines like a rainbow!

No matter what, skilled maids makes clean and comfy homes available for everyone. So ditch the cleaning chores and let us work our magic! You’ll love having a sparkling happy home and more time for the things you love.

Here’s what you get:

  • Sparkly house, happy face! No more messy monster messes!
  • Super cleaning detectives: We find and banish all the dirt and grime!
  • More time for fun: Leave the cleaning to us, you focus on the good stuff!
  • Clean and comfy for everyone: Everyone deserves a happy, sparkling home!

Experience the difference of Breathe Maids’ affordable cleaning services in Winter Garden, FL. Let us take care of the cleaning, so you can make a lasting impression with a spotless and inviting home. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment.


What services do you provide near me?

We provide premier home cleaning services in Winter Garden, FL. Our services include one-time cleaning, move in/out cleaning, and recurring cleaning.

How can I book your cleaning services?

Booking our cleaning services is quick and easy. You can schedule your cleaning in 60 seconds through our online booking platform.

What areas do you serve?

We provide housecleaning services in Winter Garden, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Are your cleaners experienced?

Yes, our team of cleaners deliver high quality cleaning solutions. We dedicate years to achieve cleaning perfection.

Do you offer customizable cleaning solutions?

Yes, we offer custom solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your home. We can accommodate your preferences for one-time cleaning or recurring cleaning.

Are your cleaners reliable and trustworthy?

Absolutely. Our team of cleaners is trustworthy and dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. You can trust us with your house cleaning needs.

Do you offer commercial cleaning services?

Not just homes, but offices too! We’re cleaning heroes for buildings everywhere, not just houses. Got a messy office or shop? We’ll zap it with cleaning magic, making desks shine and floors gleam. Your customers and employees will be saying “wow!” in no time!

So whether you need a sparkly home or a dazzling office, Breathe Maids is your one-stop cleaning squad. We make everything shine brighter than a disco ball!

What payment options do you accept?

We offer secure and cashless payment options for your convenience. You can choose the payment method that suits you best.

How can routine professional cleaning benefit me?

Imagine shiny floors, windows so bright you can see your smile reflected, and a kitchen cleaner than a chef’s dream. Regular cleaning makes your home feel like a happy castle, safe from mess and germs!

Why should I choose Breathe Maids?

We deliver exceptional cleaning services with attention to detail and reliability. Our team of professional cleaners is trustworthy and experienced, ensuring your satisfaction.

Are your cleaning services affordable?

Yes, we offer affordable cleaning services without compromising on quality. You can enjoy the benefits of a clean and tidy home without breaking the bank.

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Prominent neighborhoods in and around Winter Garden FL:

Places near Winter Garden FL

Things to do in and around

The Attic Door – 28 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Dine at a renowned wine bistro, nestled in the heart of downtown Winter Garden, offering delectable cuisine. Enjoy live music on most evenings! Indulge in our selection of craft beers and exquisite wines!

Winter Garden Bowl – 715 S Dillard St, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Explore 16 expertly maintained lanes. Each has a well-stocked bar, an engaging gameroom, and a comprehensive pro shop! Experience rolling a few games and enjoying some lighthearted fun. Regardless of your age or skill level, everyone is welcome to join in the excitement!

West Orange High School – 1625 Beulah Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787

West Orange High School is 15 miles from downtown Orlando and eight miles north of Walt Disney World. Situated as the westernmost institution in the Orange County Public School (OCPS) district. Established in 1975. West Orange High emerged from two overcrowded high schools in western Orange County. The merge between Lakeview High and Ocoee High cost 6.5 million dollars. The inaugural classes commenced at Lakeview High School in September 1975.

Stoneybrook West Golf Club – 15501 Towne Commons Blvd, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Positioned a short 20-minute drive from Downtown Orlando and a quick 15-minute jaunt from the main gate at Walt Disney World Resort. Stoneybrook West Golf Club is a convenient haven for golf enthusiasts, whether local or visiting. Enjoy a top-rated round of golf while your family discovers the enchantment of Disney World, Epcot Center, and the attractions at MGM and Universal Studios

West Orange Trail – 1064 Tildenville School Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Stretching across 22 miles. The West Orange Trail is a versatile rail trail under the ownership of Orange County Parks and Recreation in Florida, USA. This well-paved trail traverses downtown Oakland, Winter Garden, and Apopka, primarily following historic railroad routes for the majority of its scenic journey.

Newton Park – 31 W Garden Ave, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Nestled along the shores of Lake Apopka, Newton Park is renowned for its stunning vistas and serene atmosphere. The inherent tranquility of the park provides an ideal setting for observing small wildlife and enjoying evening sunsets. Amenities abound, featuring a boardwalk, boat ramp, grills, picnic tables, playground, shaded gazebo, and restrooms. Leashed dogs are warmly welcomed. Adding to its allure, Newton Park is home to the magnificent Tanner Hall and its charming counterpart, Little Hall—sought-after venues for weddings and celebratory events.

Situated at the heart of Florida, Winter Garden is the city we call home that radiates a vibrant energy and a unique charm. We treat our community like family. We ❤️ Winter Garden.
Drinking Coffee enjoying a clean homeFamily Cooking TogetherMaid vacuuming an apartment with white walls
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Our 100% stress-free guarantee.

All our recurring services come with the Breathe promise. If you’re not completely satisfied let us know and we’ll come back and sort it out for free!

Now you can truly live that stress-free life.

5 Star On

Hannah Rovira

See how Michelle changed her life!

Michelle wanted to find a new service that she could trust to clean her house well. With the help of Breathe Maids, she is in good hands.

Join us and never worry about your house again.


Meet Our Top Reviewed Breathe Maids Pros

Your safety, security and satisfaction are our number one priority.

Certified Trustworthy Professionals

Same technician you know & love every time

Liability insurance policy of $1,000,000

We Provide Supplies

Google Guaranteed
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Our services that match your lifestyle

  • Pet Friendly Cleaning Icon
    Maid Service
    Our maids are trained on our propriertary checklist to give you the best quality clean at a fair price.
  • Deep Cleaning Icon
    Deep Cleaning
    Our thorough and detailed cleaning, tackling hard-to-reach areas and built-up dirt and grime. Get one of these a few times a year.
  • Move Out Cleaning Icon
    Move Out Cleaning
    Moving in or out of a home? Our cleaners are trained to make your residence look like new.
  • Apartment Cleaning Icon
    Apartment Cleaning
    Apartment cleaning is not a problem for our cleaners. We handle both small and large dwellings.
  • Post Construction Cleaning Icon
    Post Construction Cleaning
    Our comprehensive cleaning after construction or renovation projects, removing debris and ensuring a clean and safe space.
  • Short-Term Rental Cleaning Icon
    Short Term Rental Cleaning
    Our short-term rental cleaning team works with properties to provide a clean and inviting atmosphere for guests.

I’ve been using them for a few months now, and I can’t say enough about how great their work is. Dealing with a front office is always a pleasure. Scheduling is easy, and you get the same service as often as possible. Their work is top-notch.

Customer Tiffany Spurlock smiling after getting her home cleaned by Breathe Maids

Tiffany Spurlock


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Do you send the same professional cleaners each time?

Our utmost priority is to consistently assign the same cleaner to your residence when you opt for our recurring cleans. In instances where specific cleaners are not accessible, we guarantee that your appointment will be upheld by another dedicated Breathe Maids team member.

What should I consider before scheduling in Winter Garden

  • What kind of condition is my home in?
  • How soon do I need it?
  • What type of service is needed?
  • How often does your home need to be maintained?
  • What is the square footage of the house?
  • How much time do I want to reserve for the task?

How do you accept payment?

As a modern company we accept all forms of credit card; Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Are recurring services better for me?

Regular, recurring services are truly better for your stress level and they an immeasurable sense of accomplishment. Imagine going into a new week or springing into the weekend with an already clean and tidy home!

With Breathe Maid’s of Winter Garden recurring services we aim to provide an incredible peace of mind as the more often your we clean, the more familiar we are with your home and your preferences.

What is the best way to schedule?

The easiest way to schedule is by filling out our price request form at the bottom of this page. Or you can call us at (407) 974-6836 and we will gladly assist you.

Give us a call

Have some questions about our services or would like to find out more?

CALL US ON (407) 974-6836

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