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5 Tips for Cleaning that Dirty Weighted Blanket You’ve Been Using for Years

A heavy-duty blanket may be your go-to option during chilly nights but storing and cleaning it can be a big task, considering you most likely cannot wash it in your washing machine. 

Not only is washing your big-sized blanket a task but drying it can be challenging as well. Unlike throws and bedsheets, these blankets require a large space to spread out and get folded. 

So what exactly should you do to keep your blankets stain-free and fragrant? If you leave your blankets unwashed for a long time, germs and bacteria begin to reside in them and can create a pungent smell. 

Not only should you wash your blanket but keeping it in the sunlight can help kill bacteria and germs as well. 

Below are the top 5 tips for cleaning your favorite weighted blanket! 

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1. Read the care tag on the blanket

Carefully read the care tag on the blanket. A weighted blanket should be handled with extra care. They are not supposed to be washed with warm water and can’t be tumble dried.

Not every blanket is allowed to be washed in the machine. Hence, it’s necessary to check the instructions beforehand.

2. Check out the weight of the blanket

The weight of the blanket is quite an important element consider because there are some limitations to washing machines. If your blanket weighs 15 pounds or less, you can machine wash it at home. 

Be sure to use cool water while washing and rinsing it. Also, don’t forget to use mild detergent and keep the cycling movement of the machine gentle.  

3. You may not need to machine-wash it

If anything is spilled on the blank or if there are slight stains on it, you don’t need to wash the whole blanket. Instead, you can spot clean wherever there is a stain.

Make a solution of mild detergent mixed in warm water. Use a toothbrush and dip it in the solution that you just have prepared. Rub the toothbrush on the stained area and there you go!

4. Learn how to dry the blanket once it’s washed

Choose the low-heat option when drying your blanket. About every 30 minutes, open the dryer and fluff the blanks so that it dries evenly. 

Another option is that you can go for the option of air drying the blanket in a place where you can easily spread the blanket. 

Keep in mind that spreading the blanket out under the sun can be the most convenient way to dry your weighted blanket!

5. Hand wash the blanket

You can choose to hand wash your blanket as well. It’s easiest to do this in a clean bathtub. All you need to do is add detergent to the bathtub and fill it with cold water. Mix the detergent and water thoroughly and then insert the blank into the solution and scrub the blanket until clean. 

Once you are done agitating, drain the tub and fill it again with clean water. Keep agitating so that any detergent or lather comes off. 

Squeeze the blanket once you take it out of the water as much as you can. Dry it by laying it flat, perferably in direct sunlight to kill any left over bacteria and germs.


Washing a full-sized heavy-duty blanket at home is not an easy task. It requires a lot of strength and energy. 

It is recommended to wash the blanket every three to four months if it is frequently used. 

We suggest getting your weighted blankets professionally deep cleaned annually. Professionals can help you remove all the dirt and debris that has settled inside your blanket, while perserving the quality of the blanket.

If you are looking to get your favorite weighted blankets cleaned contact breathe maids today to get the job done.

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