How to Include Your Kiddos in Cleaning

March 16, 2022

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

Cleaning habits can be a significant part of a child’s character development. With a cleaning timetable, one can maintain their surroundings, detoxify their environment, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. However, cleaning alone can seem boring. The more company you have cleaning, the more fun it becomes like every activity.

To enjoy your weekly cleaning routine, you can plan a family cleaning task with your spouse. And not only that, now you can plan It with your kids too. That way you teach them the importance of cleanliness, share the load and have a great time bonding with the kiddos.

Ways to Inculcate Cleaning Habits in Kids

Introducing cleaning habits to your child can contribute to a healthy upbringing. There are multiple ways to do that which are as follows:

A Friendly Conversation About Maintenance of Hygiene 

The first thing you need to do is have a friendly conversation with your child about the importance of family cleaning. As we all know, communication is the key to healthy relationships. And directing children with orders with logic isn’t beneficial. So, you must start with a soft note on why cleaning is significant and how it can help the kiddos keep the family, home, and themselves safe and healthy.

Making A Cleaning Schedule: 

We all do not like getting surprised by chores or any kind of work. The same goes for kids if you do not have a proper schedule your kids will lead to them not want to do the task at all. 

You can set a schedule that includes cleaning one or two days a week. You can let them know beforehand so they are prepared to help you out with any cleaning around the house. 

Small Tasks for the Little Ones

When you’re assigning the chores, make sure to give realistic tasks to the kids. Something that doesn’t burden them like sorting out the clothes, matching the sock pairs, picking up their toys, or easy low surface dusting. Hence, you can make cleaning with kids easy by assigning them the simple ones. And once they’re done, thank them for whatever they’ve accomplished that way they feel prized and appreciated. Try not to use any harsh words or degrade their work in any way. 

Make it a Family Game

There is a possibility that your kids might find the task disinteresting. But fear not, because you can make it interesting by introducing it as a game to perform family cleaning. Assign the task to each one and put a timer on it. The competitive environment will help them concentrate their energies completely. And even increase their efficiency in task performance. 

Decluttering for Charity

Another positive thing you can inculcate through family cleaning is the habit of decluttering for charity. That way, whenever you’re cleaning with kids, they get to learn two important lessons: First, it is important to declutter and get rid of stuff that you no longer need. And second, use that stuff to benefit others and give them as charity. 

Child washing dishes

Some Chores You Can Ask Your Kids To Help With:


In the bedroom, you can ask them to help put their clothes in the laundry basket. Get them to help you organize their clean clothes. Put away their toys and make their bed.


In the bathroom, you can ask your kids to help take out the trash. Replace toilet rolls and also help with wiping down counters and other surfaces.

Living Area

In the living area, you can ask them to do any light dusting. Wipe doorknobs with disinfecting wipes. Ask them to put away any toys that are there.


In the kitchen, you can ask your kids to help clear plates and bring them to the sink. Remove any crumbs left behind using a broom or handheld vacuum. Wipe the table down. Older kids can also help unload the dishwasher. Remove any trash and help sort recyclables.


In the laundry, you can ask your kids to separate the whites from the colors. Help removes any trash from the laundry room. Ask them to help pair socks and their outfits. Also, help them put their clothes on hangers.

Benefits of Cleaning Habits for Kids 

There are numerous benefits of developing cleaning habits in kids. 

Character Development 

It adds an important value of how cleanliness is necessary for the maintenance of one’s surroundings. And that habits build at a young age, it goes on for life.

Get to know your Child

In our busy everyday routines, it is a way of organizing your time with your family in a productive manner. Once you start this exercise you bond with your child and get to know their strengths and weaknesses better. 

Self Sufficiency 

The appreciation that you will bestow your child with will improve their confidence levels and make them aware of their talents. Also, it will teach how important it is to appreciate the people for their services. And help them understand the importance of being independent and self-sufficient. 

Physical Exercise 

When it comes to physical well-being, the chores will help you deviate your child from screens which are everywhere nowadays. And physical exercise will help them build stamina and add to their physical strengths and motor skills.

Key to Healthy Lifestyle

Incorporating these qualities is necessary to help your child cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Once they start doing physical activity from a young age, they’ll attain confidence and take responsibility everywhere they go. It will help them develop skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and organization, which are all helpful in maintaining a healthy and successful life.

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