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When a renovation job gets completed, it leaves a giant mess in its wake. Construction jobs create a lot of dust. You’ll need to employ a post-construction cleaning Dallas service to remove the dust from your building site. After the work gets completed, a post-construction cleaning service is expected. 

When building work is completed, a large amount of dust is generated, hovering in the air. These particles can adhere to each edge of the new structure, making it appear drab. It impacts your air quality and lowers the value of a home. That’s why, once your construction project gets completed, you’ll need to employ a post-construction cleaning service.

Any business or residential cleaning site needs post-construction cleanup services. Various companies offer post construction cleaning Dallas services, but you’ll need to do additional research to find the finest.

What is Post Construction Cleaning?

“Cleaning services for new or renovated buildings are called post-construction cleaning.”

The term “post-construction” implies that this cleaning occurs after the construction phase gets completed. A building contractor may clean up debris in general, but specific cleaning is no longer part of their job description. This type of maintenance gets done from beginning to end, and it includes more than just mopping the floor and washing the carpet and other visible areas. The following are some of the maintenance requirements that must be met:

  • The surfaces are clean and free of smudges, grime, and blemishes.
  • Window and frame power cleaning and sanitizing
  • Removal of plastic/stickers off furnishings, doors, and windows
  • Ceilings, lighting, fans, and heaters should all be dusted, both wet and dry.
  • Clean and polished floors free of clutter, especially around edges and corners.
  • Cleaning with a vacuum
  • Cleaning the trims
  • Cleaning the threshold
  • Cleaning inside and out of all devices, cupboards, and shelving
  • Trash and waste should get disposed of properly.
  • Any safety concerns, loose wires, or leaks should get reported to the construction contractors.
  • Once the cleaning gets finished, thoroughly inspect all of the space, corners, and inside surfaces one last time.
Post Construction Cleaning Dallas

Phases of Post Construction Cleaning

There are three steps to the post-construction service. We’ll go over each phase of the post-cleaning service in detail in the sections below:

  • First Phase: Rough Clean
    The specialists remove and cleanse all the dust and dirt in the first step of the post-cleaning service. When you employ a professional for post-construction cleaning, the cleaners’ crew will come to your location and assess the area. They’ll start by drawing a blueprint and working from there. The cleaners will clean all windows and sliding glass windows during this period.
  • Second Phase: Light Clean
    This is the toughest of the three phases of post-construction cleaning. A lot of tools and equipment are employed in this phase. This step will take longer than the other three. During this phase, the cleaners concentrate on the kitchenette and bedroom. This stage involves cleaning the sinks, cupboards, toilets, and other fixed objects. All of the essential equipment will be provided by the cleaning company.
  • Third Phase: Touch up Cleaning
    This is the most crucial and final stage of post-construction cleaning. After a few days of light cleaning, it’s finished. It takes a week for the cleaners to figure out where most of the filth gets found. This phase takes a bit of time to complete. During this phase, they will clean any remaining fingerprints, stains, or smudges on your surface. The workers will wash the garage, sweep the carpets, and mop the floors during this phase. They add a finishing touch to your property and inspect the entire room to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Benefits of Post Construction Cleaning

Here are some benefits of post-construction cleaning:

  • Safety and Protection
    Anyone in the vicinity of a newly created construction or renovation site gets likely exposed to possible hazards. While you should be cautious while entering a construction site, professional cleaners have the proper footwear, helmet, and other safety equipment to protect themselves from various threats while working quickly. Cutting nails, sharp edges, slips and trips, and other possible risks at the job site must all get avoided.
  • Savings of time
    You obtain the maximum value by moving into the space as soon as possible after the project is completed, whether residential, commercial, or industrial development. Working with professionals expedites the cleaning process, allowing your families or employees to return to normal operations as soon as possible.
  • Cost-efficient
    Professional cleaning services, on the other hand, provide a mix of accuracy and efficiency that is well worth the extra cost. Furthermore, the expense of a construction area clean-up is a minor portion of the overall building project cost. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, can work quickly.

Importance of Post Construction Cleaning Dallas

There are a variety of components that can create serious accidents when construction is carried on. There is a reasonable probability that someone will be injured due to rubbish on building sites. That is why you must secure the safety of your employees and family. During building, a variety of particles get emitted.

These particles could contain silicates and other chemicals that could hurt your lungs. If you have older people who live with you, this will impact their health and cause respiratory problems. As a result, you get recommended to clean when your building work is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whose Responsibility Is It To Clean Up After A Remodeling?

There is not a specific answer for this. You can ask your construction company if they also offer post-construction cleanup. If they do not you can hire one for yourself.

Are There Any Risks To Performing Cleanup Myself?

It depends on the cleanup job. If it is easy then there might be no risks. Because post-construction cleanup services are insured so if any damage is done it is covered under the insurance.

How Much Does Post Construction Cleanup Cost In Dallas?

There is no specific price for this. It varies drastically depending on how much time will be spent cleaning up or the complexity of the job. You can always get a free estimate from our website.

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It is vital to engage a cleaning service when the building is completed. When you hire a breath maid cleaning service, we will assist you in clearing up the mess. We will also have a dedicated legal disposal facility. Which will be in charge of collecting all of the waste generated during construction. After your home is spotless you can start the enjoy local attractions such as the Dallas Arboretum or the The Exchange Hall.

If you are looking for a company you can trust Breathe Maids is the one for you. You can schedule your appointment with us today.

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