Get That Dirty Grill Ready for BBQs All Summer Long!

May 27, 2022

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

Dear reader, it’s finally summertime, and few things are more exciting than the first sign of sunshine outside after a harsh winter. It’s time for backyard BBQs and… stare in disbelief at the rusty, charred mess in front of you.

Let’s face it, grilling isn’t most people’s favorite thing to do; many people don’t even grill because they hate cleaning up the grill. 

But before you admit defeat and order pizza, it’s time to swallow your pride, pull on a pair of rubber gloves, and start cleaning. 

This isn’t simply a step-by-step guide on cleaning a BBQ; we’ve also included a few tips to help you maintain your grill clean throughout the summer. Even if you’re hunting for a new BBQ this summer, it’s always good to clean it well before using it! After the grill- try cleaning that oven you’ve been avoiding!

You’ll need the following items to complete your deep cleaning

When you wake up your grill from its winter hibernation, it’s a fantastic opportunity to clean it thoroughly, so it’s ready for the season. You’ll need the following items to do so:

  • A grill brush: It’s best to get a new grill brush every year, so you don’t have to use a rusted five-year-old brush every time you fire up the grill, and you can use last year’s brush for the early-season deep clean without fear of destroying it. Make sure you choose a high-rated brush from a trusted brand because cheaper brushes might come apart or remove the coating off your grates.
  • A paint scraper: You’ll need something with a flat edge to scrape trash off the interior of your grill, so either metal or plastic would work.
  • Grill and grate cleaner: Although a spray-on grill cleaning isn’t always essential, it can make scraping hard, burnt-on food simpler.
  • A scouring pad: A light scrubbing pad can remove some of the most persistent cruds.
  • Dish soap: Any good degreasing dish soap should work.
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda: It can help if they need a thoroughly good clean

Burn It Off

Start by lighting it and allowing it to achieve a very high temperature if there are any leftovers from last year. Allow it to heat for no more than 30 minutes, and be aware that if the cooking grates are unclean, they will smoke. Then, dunk the brush in a warm, soapy water pail and scrub the grates clean of all carbon. Allow the grill to cool completely once it has been cleaned.

Put the old charcoal briquettes in a metal container for charcoal barbecues. With a paint scraper, scrape away any caked-on charcoal dust and debris.

Use an onion!

Soak It Up

Remove all of the grates from the grill once it has cooled, and soak them in a warm, soapy water tub. Allow at least 30 minutes for them to soak. Remove any items that can be readily removed from the grill, such as burner control knobs, warming racks, and grease pans. Most gas grill burner tubes are also detachable; check for a single screw or cotter pin on one end of each tube. Cleaning the grill will be easier when you’ve stripped it down like this.

Scrub Everything

Remove the grates and panels once soaked and clean them with the brush. Mix a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda and apply it directly to the most challenging caked-on particles for truly stubborn gunk. Rinse all surfaces carefully, particularly dry cast-iron grates, ultimately to minimize rusting.

Wash and Wipe

Refill the bucket with clean water and dish soap after emptying the filthy water. Using a giant kitchen sponge, clean the whole exterior of the grill. When picking scouring pads, keep in mind that they might damage finished surfaces, so use a light scouring pad on them. Wipe off and dry all surfaces with highly absorbent microfiber towels after cleaning the outside of the grill.

Putting It All Together

Use a grill and grate cleaner as a finishing touch, although it won’t remove thick buildup or baked-on muck. Spray the cleaner on the surface, wait a few minutes, and wipe it away with a clean, dry towel. If there are any stubborn oily areas, try wiping them clean with pure vinegar and plain water.

Reassemble all of the pieces you removed when the grill has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Use cotter pins or screws to secure the burner tubes properly. Also, apply a tiny layer of vegetable oil to cast-iron barbecue grates.

Is it necessary to clean the BBQ after each use?

Make a quick wash after each usage. It’s preferable to do this after you’ve completed cooking. Once the grate has cooled but is still heated, use your brush and clean any food particles trapped on it. For this, all you’ll need is a wire brush.

Clean with an Onion

Cleaning the grill with onion, believe it or not, is a beautiful BBQ trick. 

Cut an onion in half and brush it over the hot bars using the end of your grilling fork while the grill is hot. The onion’s water steams away any stuck-on food and removes pollutants with its natural antibacterial capabilities.’

Onions have antibacterial characteristics, and if you’re grilling with charcoal, you can put the discarded onion straight into the embers to give flavor to whatever you’re grilling.

Is It Toxic To Use Grill Cleaner?

Many chemical grill cleansers consume the filth accumulated on the grill’s components. While this procedure is successful, the use of chemicals is quite dangerous.

Vinegar may be used similarly, but it is not as effective. Depending on how unclean they are, the components may need to soak in vinegar for a few hours.

Aside from that, don’t worry too much about how your grill appears; it’s all about its performance. It’s natural for the color and look of your grill’s inside to vary as you use it, and that’s fine. It indicates you’re making good use of it. A little care goes a long way, and if you clean the cook box often, you won’t have to work as hard the next time you pull the grill out of its winter hibernation.

The only thing left to do is get some burgers, dogs, and steaks and invite a few friends.

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