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July 13, 2022

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

Most of us like having a clean home, even though few enjoy cleaning. There is no guarantee that your house will always be clean, especially if you have a big family. After being buried by piles of clutter and dirty laundry, it might take days to get things back in order.

Your actions influence the cleanliness of your house. Cleaning for many hours each day is not a matter of cleaning but the little things that add up over time.

Developing these habits below will significantly influence your living space and are easy to put into practice.

Is there any secret to keeping a clean and organized house?

When faced with a mess, the fastest and most effective way is to deal with it immediately, and all of this falls under the umbrella of dealing with a mess immediately.

So let’s keep you focused on that.

Look around your house, and you’ll see that most of the mess was caused by a mess that was put off until later or ignored entirely. If we acquire the habit of cleaning up our mess as soon as it occurs, we may avoid many problems.

The good news is that besides having a cleaner house overall, dealing with a mess as soon as humanly possible usually results in you spending less time on it. The outcome is less work and a cleaner house.

Here are a few ideas for getting into the habit of doing your housework every day.

The Rule Of One Minute

‘If it’s going to take less than a minute, get on with it.’

You ran the dishwasher and cleaned up the mess. You clean up what you spilled on the counter. After washing the dishes for the day, go to the kitchen sink and give it a good scrub.

You put your sweatshirt/cardigan/sweater away when you leave the room instead of leaving it on the sofa. You dump crumbs from the toaster oven or toaster, wipe down the interior of the microwave if your food splatters, etc.

If the task is simple and fast, it can be automated. The one-minute rule stops things from stacking up and seeming overwhelming. Getting into the habit of doing small tasks right away keeps big tasks from coming up. Your house will be clutter-free, thanks only to this behavior.

Build an Exceptional Routine

As humans, we avoid unpleasant tasks, so making cleaning as enjoyable as possible helps us stick with advanced cleaning practices. One method to achieve this is by what is known as coupling or pairing.

Essentially, you pair an enjoyable activity with something you’re attempting to motivate yourself to do. If you’d like to be inspired to go to the gym, you could only allow yourself to read your favorite audiobook while you are there. You may also listen to your favorite podcast while drinking coffee in the morning.

Clean-up time may be made more enjoyable by watching a stand-up comedy as you clean. Alternatively, you may only watch Netflix in the evening while doing the dishes. 

Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

Never leave a room empty-handed. This is a basic guideline that may help you reduce clutter right away. When you spend a few seconds every day redistributing things to where they need to be, you’ll find that clutter doesn’t have a chance to build and becomes much more manageable.

The magnificence of this habit is that it requires no extra time. And it will significantly reduce the amount of clutter in your house.

If you look around your house, odds are you’ll find stuff all over your house in places that don’t belong there—shoes on the stairwell landing, toys in the kitchen, clothes in the living room. 

So the purpose of never leaving a room empty-handed is to show you’re moving those items closer to their appropriate position. You’re not necessarily putting it away, but you’re pushing it closer to where it belongs as you go about your day.

If you had a coffee, never leave the mug lying around the house; as soon as you get up to leave the room, take a minute to move it into the kitchen and put it right into the sink or dishwasher.

So your task is to go where you were going while carrying the mug to its destination.

Nightly Kitchen Cleaning

After dinner, it’s tempting to place the dishes in the sink and say, “I’ll wash them tomorrow.”

Not doing the dishes right away is a huge time-waster.

Therefore, never put off cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes till the next day. Instead, load and run the dishwasher every evening and clean the counter.

So everything is ready for tomorrow to help you get your morning started right. It’s a game-changer habit that will help you start your day feeling refreshed and energized!


In the habit of constantly decluttering, always ask yourself questions like: Am I using it, and do I need it?

If you don’t get a powerful yes anywhere, it has to go. 

Constantly decluttering is a vital habit for keeping your house clean and tidy. To begin this habit, you will need a location to dispose of your unwanted items instantly, whether to give or trash them, and a place to donate them.

A Laundry Day Keeps the Mess Away

Unless you have a large family, you can keep up with washing in less than 20 minutes daily. It may seem to be impossible, yet it is true.

All you have to do is: wash a load, fold the previous day’s load, put the folded laundry away, and move the load to the drier at some point throughout the day.

That’s all it takes and you should try it out for a week. By following those steps, you will almost always be caught up on laundry. There will be no more dirty clothes piling up around your house and no more clean laundry mixed with dirty laundry after sitting in baskets for weeks.

Maintaining a clean and orderly house can be a breeze with these habits! Start with one or two of them and work on making them habits.

What habits or rules do you have in your house that help you keep clutter under control?

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