Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

On June 6, 1936, the Dallas Museum of Natural History was opened to the public as a component of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exhibition. On September 20, 1946, the Dallas Health Museum was established by a gathering sanctioned as the Dallas Academy of Medicine. It was renamed as the Dallas Health and Science Museum in 1958. It was subsequently renamed the Science Place in 1981. In 1995, the Dallas Children’s Museum was established.

In 2006, Perot Museum CEO Nicole Small supervised the joining of the Dallas Museum of Natural History, the Science Place, and the Dallas Children’s Museum at Fair Park. Following the consolidation, the historical center was situated in three structures there, highlighting an IMAX-style theater, a completely working planetarium, a broad show lobby, and its own nearby fossil science lab.

On June 1, 2014, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science hired another CEO, Colleen Walker.

The exhibition hall migrated on December 1, 2012, to another office in Victory Park. The previous Science Place building and planetarium were shut, with the previous Dallas Museum of Natural History building changed over into a second grounds for the Perot Museum.

The Perot Museum is a place where families can learn together and individuals can take a break from their daily routines to ponder the vast mysteries of science. Visitors can wander, either to get lost or to find their way, as they discover something new and fascinating.

The Museum reminds us that the universe is grander than ourselves, older than we can fathom, and that the world actually revolves around the sun, and not us. It inspires our community through exhibits, marvels, and presentations. It exhilarates and entertains visitors of all ages… because after all, it’s never too late to learn.

History of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

1936 – 2006

1936 – The Dallas Museum of Natural History was laid out in the noteworthy Fair Park locale as a feature of the Texas Centennial and was one of the principal normal history exhibition halls in the district.

1946 – The Science Place started when the Dallas Health Museum was established in Dallas by a group sanctioned as the Dallas Academy of Medicine, “to give a typical station of energetic exertion for every one of the powers of wellbeing in Dallas and the Southwest.”

1958 – The Dallas Health Museum was renamed the Dallas Health and Science Museum. A 60-seat, 30-foot, domed planetarium was constructed and training programs were held in collaboration with neighborhood schools and colleges.

1981 – The Dallas Health and Science Museum was renamed The Science Place.

1986 – The Science Place ventured into the rebuilt second structure, which became known as the primary structure for The Science Place.1995 – The Dallas Children’s Museum was established and filled in as an involved youth learning objective.

2005 – 4.7 sections of land were bought in Victory Park, because of a $10 million gift from Hunt Petroleum.

2006 – An exceptional consolidation of the three exhibition halls: the Dallas Museum of Natural History, The Science Place, and the Dallas Children’s Museum, brings about another organization: the Museum of Nature and Science at Fair Park.


1/08 – Pritzker Prize-winning Architect, Thom Mayne is reported as the creator of the new Museum in Victory Park.

2/28 – T. Boone Pickens $10M gift declaration.

5/30 – The five offspring of Ross and Margot Perot – Katherine Perot Reeves, Carolyn Rathjen, Suzanne McGee, Nancy Perot Mulford, and Ross Perot, Jr. – declare a $50 million gift made to pay tribute to their folks. The Museum would be named the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in their folks’ honor.

10/23 – Naming and plans are uncovered for the Tom Hunt Energy Hall to pay tribute to a $10 million gift.


5/30 – Balfour Beatty Construction is declared as broad worker for hire.

9/17 – Museum of Nature and Science discloses the schematic plans and building model for the new Museum in Victory Park.

11/18 – Official notable services are held at the new Victory Park site, and uncovering work starts.


4/26 – Construction starts, as Margot Perot and her little girls hand off the “notice to continue” to Balfour Beatty, the overall worker for hire.

8/18 – Leadership Campaign Chair Forrest Hoglund declares the arrangement for the “Last Fifty” mission to raise the excess $50 million of the $185 million objective in a sped up style.


1/20 – Announcement of a subsequent significant gift in a long time from The Rees-Jones Foundation carries its complete commitment to $25 million. Two significant lobbies would be named out of appreciation for the gift – The Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall and the Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones Exhibit Hall.

2/28 – The declaration of a $10 million test award from a mysterious giver. Propelled by the award, Perot Museum pioneers send off a local area wide raising money crusade called “Each Dollar Counts… Twice!”

3/10 – Official fixing out services are held at the structure sitting above the Perot Museum building site.

5/10 – Naming and plans are divulged for the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall to pay tribute to a $4.4 million gift from the Texas Instruments Foundation.4/20 – Chase gives $1.4 million.

9/14 – Wolfgang Puck named as restrictive caterer for the Perot Museum.

9/23 – Two $1 million test awards from Highland Capital Management and Atmos Energy.10/13 – Event Network to plan and work new retail location at the Museum.

10/28 – Dinosaur disclosure made by Museum scientists to be named to pay tribute to Perot family and scheduled for show in new Perot Museum.

11/03 – Museum of Nature and Science 2011 “Night at the Museum” yearly gathering pledges occasion sells out – continues to go toward Perot Museum crusade.

11/17 – More than a year prior to the Perot Museum opens, the Museum declares a Moody award that pushes raising support sums past the $185 million objective.


2/2 – North Texas media partake in a first glance at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

5/31 – Perot Museum divulges new logo and site.

9/12 – Dell Services gives $6.5 million in innovation and administrations to the Perot Museum.

9/20 – Perot Museum authorities declare the Museum will open Saturday, December 1, 2012, one month sooner than recently reported.

10/10 – Alaska’s Lt. Lead representative Mead Treadwell meets with Museum’s custodian of geology to talk about expected archeological campaigns.

10/16 – Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and Nobel Peace Prize introduced and showed in the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall.

10/30 – Perot Museum Unveils The Hoglund Foundation Theater.

11/14 – Regional and public media review the whole Museum, watch a sizzle reel in The Hoglund Foundation Theater and taste delicious chomps from eminent selective food provider Wolfgang Puck.

12/1 – Perot Museum opens December 1 with heavenly lace cutting, riveting execution by BANDALOOP trapeze artists, confetti guns, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Scores of guests, the Perot family, the city hall leader, and Museum authority commended a critical day in Dallas history.

12/16 – Gene and Jerry Jones declare $5 million gift by introducing a memorial pullover to Perot relatives and Museum authorities during an on-field service at Cowboys v. Steelers game. The Museum chamber is named the Gene and Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys Atrium.

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