Finally free! How to get rid of that pesky smoke smell in your home

June 7, 2022

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

The visitor may flagrantly disregard the “No Smoking” regulation in your house. A visitor or a family member with a smoking habit is all it takes to have residual smoke scents in your house. Regardless of how irritated you are with the lack of respect for your property and your standards, it is more necessary to eliminate the odor of cigarette smoke. And with the help of a professional house cleaning service in Dallas, TX, you can be odor free. They can help you stop the problem and make sure it goes away for good.

But even if you are the only smoker in your home, you may notice that the walls are becoming yellow, and breathing is becoming more difficult. The odor of smoke is not only unpleasant but also hazardous to your health and remains in the house for weeks.

If you want to eliminate this by instituting new rules, here are the six most effective, tried-and-true ways to eliminate that unpleasant odor and leave your house fresh and clean!

This Is How It All Begins

It begins with opening all the windows in your house and cranking on all the fans; sunlight can eliminate germs and bacteria; thus, opening the windows is always a good idea. 

Fresh air and sunlight are always welcome indoors, especially in this case.

Raise The Fan Speed To Improve Air Circulation

If you smoke cigarettes often inside the house, purchasing an air purifier may be able to assist in eliminating the lingering smell of smoke that is present inside. Air purifiers function by drawing air through the device, filtering it to remove contaminants like smoke particles, and releasing the purified air into the surrounding environment. You should change the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions and position the purifier in the area with the foulest odor.

The next step is to acquire your supplies for cleaning. You’ll need:

  • Clean rags or microfiber cloths
  • Vinegar and Baking soda
  • Bucket
  • Air Freshener Sprays
  • Mop for floors

Vacuum and repeat

Vacuum all the surfaces in your home, not just the carpet. On top of cushions and sofas as well as underneath them. And make sure your vacuum’s filter is clean before and after each use.

Steaming The Carpets

In the same way that a “coat” of smoke will remain on your walls and ceilings, it will also remain on your floors, mainly if they are carpeted. To eliminate odors that are difficult to remove, you may either rent or purchase a steam cleaner and add a deodorizer to your carpet steamer.

Sprinkling With Baking Soda

When it comes to cleaning, baking soda is your most trusted ally.

It can be sprinkled straight over the carpet and sit for at least an hour before vacuuming it to soak up the smoke smell and other odors. When you remove the baking soda from the carpet, it will have a pleasant scent. 

Many stores even sell refreshing carpet products that come in a range of scents. Even though they leave your carpet smelling fresh, these solutions are meant to hide the odor, not eliminate it entirely.

Give attention To Hard Surfaces.

Create a combination consisting of hot water and white vinegar in an equal ratio. You will need some rags or microfiber cloths and a spray bottle to clean any hard surfaces. Include picture frames, doorknobs, kitchen countertops, ceiling fan blades, and other decorative elements. When cleaning the floor with the same solution of water and vinegar, use a mop and bucket to apply the solution.

Ammonia, Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Ammonia is a potent cleanser, and you may use it to wipe down the majority of hard surfaces with care. You may also use ammonia mixed with water (or an ammonia-based cleaner) to remove smells from your walls and ceilings, typically overlooked. If the stink persists, you may need to repaint the walls and ceilings. The fresh paint will cover up the stink of smoke absorbed by the old paint. 

Follow the instructions carefully and take caution when applying ammonia to polished or sealed surfaces, such as flooring or cabinets that have been polished or sealed.

You can also consider installing ammonia bowls around your house to absorb scents as a less labor-intensive option. The sole risk with ammonia is preventing children from accessing it.

When dealing with ammonia, it is strongly advised to use protective eyewear.

Since ammonia has a strong odor, your property may have a pungent stench after being cleaned. After the ammonia has been completed, clean the affected areas with baking soda to remove the ammonia odor. 


Machine wash laundry to save the day

Toss any washable cushion covers, draperies, pillowcases, sofa covers, and linens into the washing machine. Utilize it for a single wash cycle. 5 cups of unfiltered white vinegar, followed by the standard cycle with detergent. They should be left to air-dry in the open air until the residence is thoroughly cleaned.

Spray Some Scent to Refresh the Air

Give it a burst of freshness and eliminate any lingering odors after using these odor-removal strategies. The cleaned laundry should also be sprayed with a fabric refresher.

Place Bowls of Charcoal in a Room

Extra charcoal left over from your BBQ party? Even though some home remedies may seem outdated, they work. As a potent and non-toxic cleanser for the body and water, activated charcoal is a popular choice. For this reason, it is also applied as an air filter because of its extraordinary ability to absorb pollutants and strong odors like cigarette smoke.

Put some of the finely powdered charcoal in several little plates or containers. Before distributing them evenly around the affected area, let them rest for a few days. Adding other odor-eliminating methods to this can speed up the process even further.

Compared to untreated charcoal, activated charcoal has a higher surface area and is thus more effective in absorbing odors, pollutants, and poisons.

Nearly all supermarkets, pharmacies, and home improvement shops carry activated charcoal in capsule or powder form.

Final Thoughts when hiring a maid service in Dallas, TX 

If nothing else works, the last step in removing the smoke odor from the home is to repaint the whole interior and replace the flooring.

There are various reasons you should not smoke, especially in your home. However, if they do, there is a chance that the smoke damage may be repaired.

Begin with the cheapest options and see if you can accomplish the removal yourself. If not, elevate your game by assessing if a quick change of paint and flooring will provide the required look. You may erase the stink of smoke using any approach; it will take some time, effort, and perhaps money.

Let a professional clean come to your home in Dallas, TX to take care of this serious issue. While we can you can visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

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