How To Clean a Shower Curtain and Plastic Liner by Hand

December 27, 2021

Claire Hebert

Claire Hebert

We all want all our bathrooms in good shape and shining from bedrooms to the lounge to bathrooms. The reason is simple. You do not want germs to roam around in your house. A bathroom is a place for germs and viruses. It is the hub of all the unwanted microorganisms that may disrupt our lives and cause diseases. With the advent of covid-19, our cleaning senses heightened more than ever with a mission to keep our bathroom the cleanest. We do so because everyone would go wash up after a trip outside. It means that the place was a germ dumpster, and cleaning the bathroom in an easy, quick, efficient method was my target.

Cleaning the Shower Curtain and Liner:

Shower curtain and liner are two essential bathroom accessories. They must maintain and clean them regularly. The shower curtain and liner are constantly exposed to moisture and heat. It makes them harbour germs and fungi because most bacteria and fungi require a moist and lukewarm environment to thrive. That is why it is vital to clean them regularly.

There are many ways to ensure the shower curtain and liner are clean. The easiest method is to hand clean them regularly. It is hassle-free and prevents the accumulation of microbes. The best way is to wipe the liners with a dry cloth every day after showering. It will remove most of the vapours and prevent any germ growth. As for the curtain, regular vacuum cleaning does the trick.

However, even if you clean it and wipe it frequently, it is still necessary to deep clean the two accessories for longevity and neatness. There are many ways to deep clean the curtain and the liner; you can hire professionals or do it yourself.

All methods have pros and cons. But it is easiest to go for hand-cleaning to get the best outcome with minor wear and tear of the product.

Method of Hand Cleaning Shower Curtain:

Shower curtains are usually fabric that requires regular cleaning. However, it is vital to clean the curtain, keeping in mind the possibility of mould. Most commonly used household items include baking soda and vinegar. They not only clean the curtain but also remove the mould and keep it fresh in the future. Another good product is fabric bleach. But, the bleach can destroy the curtains’ patterns. There are two options to avoid bleach damage; either the bleach must be colour safe, or the curtain must be white. Following are the steps to clean a shower curtain:

  1. Take the curtain off of the rod. Depending on the curtain rings, you might either have to unclasp the rings. Also, the curtain might just slide out the rod if designed so.
Clean shower curtain
  1. Fill a tub/sink with lukewarm water and dissolve two parts of detergent with one part of baking soda and soak the curtain.
  2. Another option is to add vinegar to warm water without detergent and soak the curtain in the first round. Next, fill another tub of water, dissolve detergent and wash the curtain.
Hand in water
  1. Soak for around 30-45 minutes to allow mould and dirt to leave the fabric.
  2. If you see any notable stains, rub them with a fabric brush while wet.
  1. Rinse with clean water and let the water out.
Washing rag
  1. Dry entirely and iron it before restoration. 
Steam cleaning curtain

Method of Hand Cleaning Shower Lining:

Shower linings are different from shower curtains. They are usually made of plastic or vinyl. They are relatively easier to clean and may not even need to be taken down the rails for proper cleaning. An easier way to keep the shower liner clean is to spray it with vinegar every day after a shower. The steps for detailed cleaning are given below:

  1. Scrub the curtain liner with a clean cloth. Microfiber is the best choice for liners.
Dirty Shower Curtain
  1. Make a mixture of baking soda and detergent.
Baking powder
  1. Scrub the mixture on the liner with a sponge or scouring pad gently.
Sponge with baking powder
  1. Take a damp cloth piece and rinse with thorough wiping.
  2. Use a dry cloth for drying completely.
Clawfoot Tub

Pros of Hand Cleaning the Shower Curtain and Liner:

Hand cleaning is by far the best method for shower curtains and liners. It works great because of the following:

  • It creates the least possible disruption. So, if you clean your shower carpet and curtain with your hands, it will prevent the fading of the curtain. Moreover, the holes will not stretch because hand cleaning is soft and gentle.
  • Also, you can avoid rough handling, which is not possible if you send over your stuff to the dry cleaners.
  • Hand cleaning the liners is superb because it mostly does not even need to remove the liners from the rods. Also, it takes less space because you can clean in the bathroom and let them dry on the rods without going through the trouble of wringing, hanging, and drying.
  • It is cost-effective. If you go for dry cleaning, it costs a hefty amount for cleaning and ironing. The washing machine takes up electricity, which means a more significant electricity bill. However, hand washing only needs detergents and other cleaning products, which go a long way if you buy one. So it is comparatively cheaper.

Concluding Points:

Shower curtains and liners are some of the most underappreciated and unseen accessories of the home. Maintaining and cleaning them as regularly as any other decoration or equipment is crucial to ensure that the house is clean and neat. Moreover, they are most likely to catch mold and germs because of their constant exposure to moisture. So we must clean them regularly. There are many ways to clean the two. However, hand-cleaning is the safest, cheapest, and shortest method. So, it is a method that is easy enough to be done frequently.

We do suggest getting your bathroom deep cleaned by professionals every once in a while depending on your needs. If you are looking to get your bathroom cleaned, contact us today.

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